3rd Ed., with Microfluidics, CFD and COMSOL Microphysics 5



James O. Wilkes.   Stacy G. Birmingham.   Brian J. Kirby.   Chi-Yang Cheng.   Kevin Ellwood.
James O.Wilkes
University of Michigan
Stacy G. Birmingham
Grove City College
Brian J. Kirby
Cornell University
Chi-Yang Cheng
Fluent, Inc.
Kevin Ellwood
Ford Motor, Co



Topic Person Internet Address
Non-Newtonian Flows (Chapter 11) Stacy Birmingham SGBirmingham@gcc.edu
Microfluidics (Chapter 12) Brian J. Kirby kirby@cornell.edu
CFD and Fluent(Chapter 13) Chi-Yang Cheng chiyang.cheng@gmail.com
COMSOL Multiphysics (Chapter 14) Kevin Ellwood kellwood@gmail.com
Everything Else James O. Wilkes wilkes@umich.edu

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