Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers

Notes on Individual Chapters and Problems

Chapter 1: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Chapter 2: Mass, Energy, and Momentum Balance

Chapter 3: Fluid Friction in Pipes

Chapter 4: Flow in Chemical Engineering Equipment

Chapter 5: Differential Equations of Fluid Mechanics

Chapter 6: Solution of Viscous-Flow Problems

Chapter 7: Laplace's Equation for Irrotational and Porous Medium Flows

Chapter 8: Boundary-Layer and Other Nearly Unidirectional Flows

Chapter 9: Turbulent Flow

Chapter 10: Bubble Motion, Two-Phase Flow, and Fluidization

Chapter 11: Non-Newtonian Fluids

Chapter 12: Microfluidics and Electrokinetic Flow Effects

Chapter 13: An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics and FlowLab

Chapter 14: COMSOL Multiphysics for Solving Fluid Mechanics Problems.

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